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aised regarding the potential harm that could co▓me from discriminating against children of the same age because of their different heights.Official data show that from 1992 to 2002, the average height of male children six years of age in

China's urban areas increased by 4.9 centimeters. By 2012, the average had increased b▓y a further 3.7 centimeters, to reac▓h an average height of 1.2 meters.Suppor▓ters of the height-based policy say that it is more convenient, as checking the age of a child is a time-wasting process.Acc

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ording to Chen Guangjin, a▓ director at the Institute of Sociology at Chine▓se Academy of Social Science

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s, both height and age-based policies have their own advantages."If ticket providers continue to use height as their cri

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